Beyond Deep

Created by Spooky Bell Games

A horror adventure for Mörk Borg by Spooky Bell Games

Latest Updates from Our Project:

February Update - PDF Incoming
5 days ago – Wed, Feb 01, 2023 at 08:24:42 PM

Hi Everyone,

February is here and with it a winter storm for us. At least while trapped in my cold house these last couple days I have had these dope item cards to check out!

In even bigger news, it’s time to get a preview PDF out to everyone! Get your eyeballs on this and let us know if you see any typos or issues before we send it to the printers in a couple days. Because the book is so dense with content for you, we made the decision to keep the the layout a bit on the cleaner side so it’s easier to navigate. The PDF is all hyperlinked within as well. This is a pages version, and the spreads look even better. 

And yes, that means Beyond Deep is headed to the printers very soon. Then 3-4 weeks after that, when the stock gets into our hands physically, we will start shipping it out. We have stacks of supplies ready, and we should get everything shipped out with 72 hours of us receiving it.

Stay warm, and take a look at that preview and let us know what you find.



January Update
29 days ago – Sun, Jan 08, 2023 at 12:48:05 AM

Happy New Year!

January of 2023 has come around and we are heading toward the end stages of production on Beyond Deep. I hope everyone had a good new year. Here is a quick rundown on production steps for the project.

Item Cards

Art: Done

Layout: Done

Files Sent: Done

Proofs: Done

Printing: Scheduled for 1/9, shipped by 1/11, and in our hands by the 1/15


Writing: Done

Editing: Done

Maps: 6 of 7 finished. Last map is getting inked now. Done by 1/9

Major Art Pieces: 23 of 28 finished. Final 5 pieces done by 1/18

Layout: Pending pages requiring last bits of art and then final review before heading to printers

Our quote from our printer is that once we send files in we can go from proofs, printing, and shipping to having product in our hands within three weeks.

What does all this mean?

We were shooting for the end of January, but after a hurricane, three cases of Covid, some technology issues, the holidays, a home move, and a few other issues it looks like we should have everything shipped out to y’all by the end of February. Sorry for the short delay. I can't wait for everyone to see Beyond Deep and for y'all to get it to your tables.



Cards Locked, Podcast Review, and Tarot Cards Finished
about 2 months ago – Fri, Dec 16, 2022 at 05:11:12 AM

Hi Backers!

Credit Cards are Locked

As we mentioned in our last update, Wes smashed that "lock cards" button on Monday, 12/12. You should have received some sort of notification that you have one last chance to adjust your orders and then after 48 hours charges will go through.

Podcast Review

Shout out to The Story Told Podcast! Catch episode 116 and hear Logan and Griffin dive into Mörk Borg for the first time and review Beyond Deep. Available on Apple and Spotify among other podcast platforms.

Tarot Cards are Finished - Bonus Card

We finished the final layouts for the tarot item deck last night, and ended up throwing in an additonal 11th card now for everyone. The cards will get one last look, and then files are sent out to the printers. 

Have a great week. Another update is coming soon.


December Update
2 months ago – Mon, Dec 05, 2022 at 09:54:06 PM

Hi Backers!

It’s December update time. The holidays are upon us and it has been raining and misting for what seems like a couple weeks down here.

Beyond Deep continues to progress, though laying out and doing graphic design for 100ish pages is a bit slower than first anticipated. Art and maps continue to come in, and are dropped into place as they do. We decided to completely change up the way text and some items were organized in the book, which means we had to start over on some of the design, but it is coming along now.

A lot has happened personally and professionally for us these past few weeks. The biggest thing is that most of the buffer time we planned for has been eaten up by delays here and there. We are still shooting for getting things shipped out by end of January, but we will be pushing hard to reach that goal. If delays push us past that goal, we will definitely let you know.

We decided to delay charging cards until we were further into development, and now the time has finally come. Wes will actually be processing any additional items and charges from backerkit on Monday, 12/12.

Thanks again for your support and here are a couple of sample spreads from the book. I am excited to show y’all more before long.


November Update - Backerkit Surveys Closing Soon
3 months ago – Thu, Nov 03, 2022 at 10:42:49 PM

Hi Backers,

Surveys have been out for a month now and I wanted to celebrate the 90% of you that have filled them out. That also means we still have 35 stragglers. If you have not received a survey e-mail, or need us to send you another one, please head over to the survey recovery page If that doesn’t work, shoot us a message and we will personally send you a link.

On Monday, November 14th, we will be locking all surveys and charging cards for any additional shipping or items added using Backerkit. Make sure your survey is done and your address is up to date.

As for Beyond Deep, the writing and editing are all finished! Art is coming in and Wes is working on page layouts now.

Additionally. we are working with a couple podcasts and creators to make some fun content over the next couple months, including an actual play of part of Beyond Deep. As those things are solidified and publishing dates are set, we will let you know.

Finally, I’ll be doing a mid month update in November when we close out the surveys. Along with that, we will show you a couple more art previews and maybe a couple of page spreads.

Hope you all had a great spooky season. You’ll hear from us again in a couple weeks.

Thank You,

Chris Koger